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Monica's HYD Doujinshi
Translator: Ellis

Note: Please read dialogue from right to left on the doujinshi.

Page 1
Years later, Tsukushi is finally getting married...

Page 2
Shigeru: Wah! Tsukushi! You're really beautiful!
Yuuki: That's true! Really beautiful!
Tsukushi: Thanks for you help, I'm feeling a little embarassed!
Shigeru: Na!
Yuuki: Where did our bridegroom go? Ask him to come here quickly!

Page 3
Kazuya: Are you looking for me!
Aiyo! Hey!
Soujiro: You're not needed here today
Kazuya: (tiny words) I was only joking...
Akira: Look
Soujiro: Is that fellow alright?

Page 4
Tsukasa: .......!
A voice: Tsukasa!!

What? Want me to bash you up?!

Page 5
Tsukasa: Are you ready? Wi...wife

In tiny words...
Soujiro & Akira: Wife? Pu!

Tsukushi: What wife, wife..? Idiot!
Tsukasa: Hng!

Arrow pointing to picture of him with tongue sticking out states the picture is Tsukasa's imagination.

Tsukasa: He he! This irritating woman!
Finally realised the charm and charisma of yours truly!
(Chinese kanji for "charm and charisma" was written wrongly on purpose... the literal meaning of the wrong kanji is sister power! *laughs*, Tsukasa is getting his words mixed up again here...)
Words in box...
From today onwards, Makino will be my wife...

Page 6
Tsukasa: Stop talking!
Let's go! Everyone's waiting for us!
Tsukushi: I can walk by myself! It hurts!

Page 7
Words in box...
It's been a really long journey to get to where we are today...

Page 8
Mama & Papa: Banzai! Tsukushi!
(In small print) Money, banzai!
Kazuya: Waah! Tsukushi...
Tsubaki: Tsukasa, this is great!
Soujiro: I've been waiting soooo long for this day! Tsukushi
Akira: Me too...

Page 9
Shigeru: Here Tsukushi!
Sakurako: Here, senior!
S & S: What?

Page 10
Soujiro: It's been a tiring day!
Akira: Tiring? It's not even you getting married!
Soujiro: Oh yes, Tsukasa, congratulations on finally getting rid of your 'virgin boy' status tonight!
Akira: Do you want us to impart some skills to you...
Tsukasa: Oh shut up!
Soujiro & Akira: A sweet night ahead...
Heh heh
Tsukasa: What's Makino doing?
She's been in there for so long?

Page 11
Sakurako: Ah?
Senior Doumyoji, Makino senior's drunk
Tsukasa: Drunk? Ah?
Sakurako: I didn't know she couldn't hold her liquor!
Tsukasa: Want me to bash you up!!

Arrow pointing to Shigeru --- An already drunk Shigeru

Sakurako: Don't... don't be angry!
Tsukasa: Get lost!

Page 12
Tsukasa - Damn this woman, really makes me mad...

Words in box --- It's the wedding night, and yet she's drunk...

Page 13
Words in box --- My head hurts so badly!
Tsukushi: Waaah!

Page 14
Tsukushi: Waaah! Doumyoji?
Tsukasa: What on earth are you 'waahing' for?
You this woman, don't forget you're already married to me!

Words in box --- That's... that's right! We're already married, but did we really do anything last night? How come I can't seem to remember a single thing....

Page 15
Tsukasa: What's wrong? You can't remember?
You were so passionate last night, really couldn't tell... you love me so much!
Tsukushi: Doumyouji!

Arrow pointing to Tsukushi: A drunk woman

Tsukasa: If this is the case, why didn't you let me know? This woman...

Tsukushi - Fuming

Tsukushi: WHAT DID YOU SAY? Be careful I bash you up!

Page 16
Ai? *Drops*

Tsukushi: Wait... wait a minute Doumyouji...
Tsukasa: What's the matter? We've already done it anyway
Tsukushi: Ai? But I've no impression of it!
Tsukasa: I love you...

Tsukushi - This fellow is becoming more and more like an animal

Tsukasa: Oh no

Page 17
Tsukasa: You guys...
Voices: Ah ya! Hey!
It hurts!
Tsukushi: What a close shave...

Tsukushi - And thus began our honeymoon tour...

Page 18
---Tsukushi's diary "Honeymoon tour" ---

On the plane
Tsukasa: What are you standing there for?
Go and get a blanket for my wife now! Ah?

In Rui's house in France
Tsukushi - We met Shizuka and Rui, who we have not seen in ages, in France,
and their new-born baby. So cute!

At Tsukasa's private beach, a villa in N-place.
Tsukasa: Come here quick! This feels great!
Tsukushi: Waah! The water's cold! Idiot!

Tsukasa - Haha!
Tsukushi - So you tricked me on purpose!

Page 19
--- Tsukushi's pregnancy diary "The end" ---
Doctor: Madam! Congratulations!
You're pregnant, with twins!

Tsukushi - Twins...

Tsukasa: Preg...nant? Twins?

Tsukasa - I'm indeed different from the rest! Hahaha

Tsukasa: Hey! Hey! Daddy's here!
Tsukushi: You're reaping what you've sown...

~ The End ~

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