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HYD Taiwanese Drama: Cast Interview
Translator: Tina

Note: Some translator's notes are littered throughout as well! ;p

"At this photo shoot with the character idols from Hana Yori Dango, one by one the good-looking boys looked like they have just stepped straight out of the manga."

"Big S, who is the female lead, is among them and needless to say - she is very happy."

Tsukushi (actress Big S): "Yeah, they (the producers) were good to me because at the time they were casting the F4..they asked me to judge them as well. It all came down to whether I thought they were good looking or not. If the guys were - then they were fine." ::laughs::

Soujirou (guy in pink shirt and red tartan vest) : "Actually I was very happy working with Big S - because I've basically watched her on screen since I was small..." :::everyone laughs:::: (this is because he is kind of implying that she is very old~) "heh...sorry, sorry." ::Akira guy apologizes to Big S:: "Nah it's because before I even came out, I've seen her on shows, and that's why I'm happy that now I get to work with her. I like her a lot - really, really. I think she is very pretty..."

Big S ::flustering:: "Aw...hehe you shouldn't really say that..." [that is direct Chinese translation - but what it means in English would be something like, "Oh..that's sweet. You didn't have to say that..."]

Doumyouji (guy with dreadlocks/bandana) : "Yeah, I am happy to work with Big S as well." (hehe he looks so shy! So adorable! He quickly passes the mike to Big S)

Big S : "Thank you, thank you." ::smiles and passes it onto the drools-worthy Rui ^_^:::

Rui (the VERY cute guy wearing cream sweater) : "Yeah, she is really very pretty." ::he looks so shy as well!! Awww what a cutie!)

Reporter: "Not only do they have striking resemblance to the manga characters, but they also ooze star power and the possess the 'star looks'."

Akira: "Yeah I have been told that I look like an anime/manga character and fit the role."

Big S: "Yeah, you do." ::pauses:: "Plus you look like Yuki Hsu as well."

::everyone laughs::: (N.B: Yuki Hsu is a pop singer in Taiwan)

Reporter: "Big S was the hot pick of the producers, although there were many other famous stars that were also considered for the female lead role."

Big S: "I think there were words going around that Yuki Hsu, and a couple of others were up for the part, but I think they are too pretty to play the role. If you've read/seen the series you would know that this girl (Tsukushi) is more on the ordinary side and not pretty. I think I am like this, so that's why I think I suit the role. The other actresses are just too pretty/beautiful for this role really."

Reporter: "From this series, not only has Big S competed with many other contenders for the lead role, but younger sister "Xiao S" (Little S), is meant to make an appearance also."

Big S: "My sister would probably make an appearance role as someone who originally was meant to be my rival but we later become good friends at the end..."

Reporters: "For the first time drama series debut by Big-S, there will also be some challenges for her - not only does she need to cut her hair but may also have to 'bare all' in front of the cameras.

Big S: "Yeah, there will be this rape/assault scene, which is so realistic and we need to act it out. I think I will probably have to 'bare all' but I'm not sure whether they would include THAT in the series ::laughs::

:::::::::Reporter signs off::::::::

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