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Gold Digger's Quotient Check
Translator: Jen W.

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On Front & Back Covers-

Doumyouji Caretaker Tama, head maid
Tama: "Your..."
Gold-digging Quotient Check!
[You're 10 years too young to serve the Doumyouji family.] If you answer my questions starting at one and going in the right order, do you think you'll understand perfectly your chances of snagging a rich guy? In any case, why don't you try it and see?

#1) You plan to stay quiet but end up standing out.
Yes - go to question 2
No - go to question 3

#2) You just can't leave a stray dog alone.
Yes - go to question 4
No - go to question 5

#3) You've had a lot of money (at least 10,000 yen) on hand at one time.
Yes - go to question 5
No - go to question 2

#4) You get lost easily.
Yes - go to question 7
No - go to question 6

#5) You can play a musical instrument.
Yes - go to question 6
No - go to question 9

#6) You know how to use chopsticks correctly.
Yes - go to question 8
No - go to question 10

#7) You hate to give up.
Yes - type A
No - go to question 8

#8) People have said about you that you're kind of scary when you get angry.
Yes - type C
No - go to question 9

#9) You like the dependable type of guy.
Yes - type D
No - go to question 10

#10) You don't really care about clothing brands.
Yes - type B
No - type F

And on page 35 (Page17.jpg),

Gold-Digging Quotient Check Survey Results
What result did you get? Go attack the recommended type without delay.

Type A: The Just-happened-to-meet-a-zillionaire Accidental-Gold-Digger Type
You're a type of girl like Tsukushi. Your core is solid, so a guy who can see that will fall for you. But you're not so good at planning, so I wonder whether you'll marry soon after meeting him or you'll live your whole life without getting married...
Recommended type: Doumyouji Tsukasa

Type B: The You'll-End-up-as-an-Eccentric-Millionaire-Gold-Digger Type
You, who doesn't care about social status or brand and can go out with life-sized [normal?] guys, seems like a refreshing type to "my pace" [meaning individually paced, I guess] guys. You let love grow calmly, and I bet you'll get married in secret.
Recommended type: Hanazawa Rui.

Type C: The Gentle-Old-School-Rich-Man-Gold-Digger Type
You, who have mastered the art of etiquette perfectly, have an aura in which the old-school boy will be intoxicated by. More than always [I can't read the kanji here, it's too small...], it's when you're having fun with everybody that your best traits really sparke.
Recommended type: Nishikado Soujirou.

Type D: The Strong-Tendency-Toward-the-Girl-Chasing-Rich-Man-Gold-Digger Type
For you, who has devilish pheromones, your recommendation is a man like Mimasaka. Most likely even if you marry, his girl-chasing habit won't be fixed, but if you have money that's okay? Or isn't it?
Recommended type: Mimasaka Akira

[Awwww, selling my Akira short are they? lol Nice to know I have pheromones though.]

Type E: The Type-that'll-get-married-Normally
[I think they called it type F in the survey itself...]
You're a normal girl. You should just look for a good, steady guy.

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