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The March 2001 HYD Gameboy Color Advertisement
Translator: Jen

"If you were Tsukushi...
As you cross over the bounds of predetermined fate, you can write
your very own Love Story"

Panel w/ Domyoji: "But that day, a terrible event occured.."
Panel w/ Rui: "At the smile he showed me there, my heart started beating furiously."

Yellow box: "On Sale Summer 2001. Price: 4500 yen

Below yellow box: "Margaret's super-popular serial in progress, Hana Yori Dango, is becoming a love adventure game, and appearing on Game Boy Color!"

Title: Another Love Story, Love Adventure Game

Description underneath panels: "The player becomes Makino Tsukushi, and deals with the various trials in her new school lifestyle to achieve love with the person of her choice in this adventure game. Depending on who you choose, the story will change. While you enjoy the story as the writer has laid it out, you can also enjoy your very own Love Story as you choose!"

For More Info/Ordering: Deep Impression TDK Site

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