Reminisce -----------------------

This area serves two purposes; one is as a tribute to the original Hana Yori Dango Project and what it represented for many fans out there, and two is to recall all the great moments of the series whether they may be through translations, fanfictions, or even the speculation of a further continuation after the manga's ending.

  • The Project
    a dedication to the original site and some of the things it contained that now resides here as archives

  • Translations
    this area contains all the translations ever made, whether it was the manga volumes or various articles and ads

  • Fanfictions
    a recreated world of the great series through fans and their writing

  • Best Moments
    the reminiscing of some of the greatest moments in the series

  • The Ending
    the ending that had fans crying all over the world from no more hyd greatness

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