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The Original HYD Project Site

Looks familiar? :D Yes, that's none other than the original HYD Project. Such wonderful memories and overall greatness shall not be forgotten. ^_^ Here, I've decided to give a little tribute to what the project had held for all us old die-hard HYD fans. It's such a shame that the fandom seems to have died down quite a bit, especially because HYD had already ended. Now that the series has been licensed in the U.S.- I hope there will be more fans and perhaps the HYD fandom can continue to spread and grow. :)

The original HYD Project was first established on October 02, 1999 by the lovely Rita B. and was finally last updated back in November 15, 2001. Down below, I've included some key moments of the project- recollecting the memories, so to speak. ^_-

HYD Project Makes Headlines! Yup, the HYD Project made the headlines back in 2001! The project was one of the four HYD websites that was featured and reviewed in the September 09, 2001 issue of Hong Kong's weekly Internet magazine. To the left, you can see the cover of the magazine. ^^ The article commented on the rising popularity of the HYD anime/manga series in Hong Kong as well as other parts of Asia and the world. It also mentioned that the tremendous fan interest in HYD could be contributed to the existence of sites like the HYD Project. :D You can see a clip image of the review here.

Other sites that were reviewed are: The Official HYD Website at Toei from Japan, Little Love's HYD Website from Taiwan that's unfortunately no longer around, Yoki's HYD Website from Hong Kong that's also no longer around, and finally from USA- The Hana Yori Dango Project. :D

The HYD Petition Back then, the Project basically revolved around 2 grand "projects" among others- which is providing translations for the HYD Margaret and tankoubon issues as they come out, and the active petition to get it licensed in the United States. Since HYD was only available in Asia at the time, most foreign fans have to rely on translations provided by kind Japanese literate fans in order to be able to enjoy the exciting manga installments. Most fans I know would dash to the HYD Project in order to read the latest translations and such. So this was basically what the Project was. :)

To the left was one of the "posters" that was created to promote the HYD Petition- which was a project to try and get HYD licensed. Many of the old fans, me included, signed that petition. I like to think that we made a difference and was heard...especially seeing that HYD was eventually licensed. Wee! ^_^

Yoko Kamio Birthday Package Then there's the Yoko Kamio Birthday Package project that was put together by the HYD Project and the Hana Yori Dango Mailing List. Basically, it was a special gathering of gifts that was to be sent to the great mangaka of HYD. Fans were encouraged to send in their gifts so that it could be assembled and put together for Kamio-sensei. Then the scrapbook and gifts were mailed to her in Japan for her birthday on June 29 back in 2001.

The birthday package had included fan letters, fan art, HYD doujinshis, 3D HYD crafts, and a whole bunch of other stuff. ^_^ Furthermore, questions and such were also translated into Japanese for the package. To the left, you can see the letter that was written to represent the package. You may click on the picture for a larger version.

HYD Hotbars

Hehe...the HYD Project had also offered many different styles of HYD hotbars for use on browsers. It was quite spiffy. ^_^ Hotbar skins are no longer offered on this revised site, because it seems people don't really use it anymore. Besides, most browsers these days are no longer compatible with these hotbars. Nevertheless, it was still a great thing to remember from the old project. ^_^

For those curious, we actually still have a list of all the update notes and news that were posted back in the old days. Old Headlines!

Aaand so, that sums up the project tribute. :)

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