-- Original Project: Old Headlines & Updates -----------------------

* 11/15/01 *

Hi everyone! Sorry for the extremely long delaying in updating the project. I've been pressed for time these last 2 months. So Happy Belated 2nd Year Anniversary to the HYD Project! Also, here's some important info concerning the future of the site:

The HYD Project will most likely be updated once a month from now on but expect more updates during vacation breaks ^_~ The site is also going under a massive re-design, the HYD Project V3.0 should be up in January 2002! So if you notice that some translations links & such have changed, it's because this entire massive site's going to be moved =P

In other news, the guestbook and messageboard are back up. Sorry they went down unexpectedly and for the long inconvenience. The latest Margaret translations and manga translations are up! Check them out! I hope to update the Resources section soon! So if you haven't done so already, please e-mail me with new Hana Yori Dango or Meteor Garden website URLS!!!!

Also, if you have a general question and need to e-mail me, please include your AIM or ICQ screen name/number! I will IM you in case I do not have time to answer your e-mails! (I'm even considering getting a palm so I can respond to e-mails more effectively). Sorry if I missed your e-mail in the last 2 months, if it was important, e-mail me again!

Headlines will updated over Thanksgiving break! Thanks for your patience! Could someone buy me a couple hours, thanks ^_~

* 9/24/01 *

Okay, for those of you who visited the splash page, you may have noticed the links for the the American relief funds. If you'd like to help out, please do. As for the HYD Project, I'm still brainstorming a new layout. But I'd decided to update the Margaret translations as well as add translations for Volume 28 & 29! At last , the Acclimate Solutions translations are up so be sure to check them out!

Oh yesh, the HYD Project Messageboard is currently down ;_; Evil Aimoo didn't tell me that they would be closing their services. I'll have a messageboard up later this week after I hunt for a good one. But please be patient everyone. Sorry about the temporary inconvenience.

Attention HYD Webmasters: If you own a Hanadan or Meteor Garden site and would like to have it included in the HYD Projkect Resources section, please e-mail me ASAP with a URL for your site! Thankies!

* 8/27/01 *

Attention! The HYD Project Petition has moved to http://shinkansen.org/petition so please update your bookmarks! Check there for the latest HYD Petition news!

And now for the very delayed update ^_~ Enjoy the translations for Margaret 17, 2001! The Electric New Paper article (about Meteor Garden) in the Misc. section has also been updated! There's some info about the Sachi's Thank You Card and Team ABCB's fansub in the Sponsorship section!

The HYD Project is currently being redesigned and will be on hiatus for 2-3 weeks. However, translations for all Margaret issues and volumes (28/29) will be added. So stay tuned! Most of the other sections will be updated in September! Thanks for your patience!

Here's some old headlines:

* The Hana Yori Dango adventure game for Gameboy Color, "Another Love Story" is out on sale as of July 27, 2001! Order your copy today! For more info, check out the game in the Misc. section!!!

* 7/27/01 *

Okie, information about the Hana Yori Dango Gameboy Color Game is posted in the Misc. section! Order your copy today!!! Also, Hana Yori Dango is the biggest craze to hit Singapore since Titanic? Read up on the Electric Newspaper Article on the HYD drama & madness in the Misc. section!

Here's some old headlines:

* The Hana Yori Dango Project marked up to 100,000 visitors on Sunday July 8, 2001!!! Thanks to every Hanadan fan for making the HYD Project a hit!

* The HYDML will be sent out a fan-package for Kamio-sensei for her Birthday on June 29! Please check out the Misc. section for more details!

* 7/18/01 *

Hi guys! Shoujocon & Anime Expo were a big hit! Reports from both cons will be posted shortly. If anyone would like to advertise the Hana Yori Dango Petition at any of the upcoming cons, please e-mail me! I'll send you some information! Okie, Margaret 16 translations are up & making everyone pensive yet strangely happy ^^;; Go check them out! The manga petition form has been redone, so please everyone pledge to have the HYD manga published in English!!!! The Strait Times Interactive Article, "Sons of Rise" a review of Meteor Garden (the HYD Taiwanese Drama) is up in the Misc. section!!! More exciting news about Hanadan will be posted shortly! Stay tuned!!!!

Here's some old headlines:

* The Hana Yori Dango Taiwanese Drama (Meteor Garden) premiered in (Taiwan ^_~) on April 12, 2001! The drama was broadcasted every Thursday night at 9 PM on Channel Hua Shi for its full run of 18 episodes!!!

* 7/13/01 *

Happy Birthday to Jen Wand, the HYD Project's Translator Extraordinaire!!!

Alrighty, the translations for Margaret 15 are up! Check it out! The petition form for Studio Ironcat has been updated!

So anyone who pledged for the manga between April 14, 2001 - July 13, 2001, please resubmit your pledges or e-mail me with you name & e-mail address!!!!

The Hana Yori Dango Project will host daily chats starting on July 13, 2001 at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST! Be sure to attend!

The Hana Yori Dango Panel at Anime Expo was wonderful! Full reviews will be posted shortly! Everyone attending Shoujocon 2001, be sure to attend the Hana Yori Dango ML Party on Sunday July 15, 2001!!! Everyone's invited! Here's what's going on at the party:

-Thank you card sign-ups
-Petition info & pledges sign up forms passed out
-HYD trivia quiz & prizes!
-Viewing of the Meteor Garden (HYD Drama
-Some HYD anime perhaps & few last minute things....

On Saturday July 14, 2001, there's going to be a big Hanadan Cosplay at Shoujocon 2001. So if anyone wants to join our HYD posse, please meet us outside of Ballroom C at 11:45 AM!!!

And all you Shoujoconers, don't miss out the Music Video Contests!!!! (hint, hint) ^_~ Check out the Shoujocon Schedule for list of events & showtimes!

Here's some old headlines:

* The Yoko Kamio B-day chat was great! Thanks to everyone who attended & enjoyed!

* 6/29/01 *

Happy Birthday Kamio-sensei! Celebrate Yoko Kamio's Birthday by spending time with fellow Kamio-sensei fans at the HYD Project CHAT!!!! Ohhh....HYD's getting provocative! Don't miss the Margaret 14 translations ^_~ There will be Hana Yori Dango meetings at Anime Expo 2001 & Shoujocon 2001 this year! Come visit the HYDML crew & see what fun Hanadan activities are in store! The HYD Live Action Movie Fansub will be shown at both cons this year so be sure to check it out!!! Okie, more updates soon!

Here's some old headlines:

* A special commemorative HYD anniversary book was featured in Margaret 12, 2001 & Margaret 13, 2001 featured the SHOCKING 200th Anniversary issue!!!

* 6/4/01 *

The latest HYD Anime Petition results are out! There are 1385 pledges so far! Yay! Only 115 more needed to get to the 1500 mark! All petition results will be printed and mailed to major anime productions companies in July!

Remember to send a word of thanks to Sachi's Distribution for their awesome job subbing the HYD anime in the Sponsorship section! Margaret 11 & 13 translations have been posted! There's also some new fanfic, 200th Anniversary Book info, YK Package info, & Zen-in info posted in the Misc. section! And a very special Happy 200th Anniversary to Hana Yori Dango! Keep rocking Kamio-sensei!!! ^_^v Till next time!

* 4/28/01 *

Sachi's Distribution has finished subtitling the Hana Yori Dango series! Show you appreciation by sending then a "Thank You" note! Just fill out the form in the Sponsorship section! More news about the HYD Tawainese Drama is up in the Misc. section! The HYDML is sending out the Care Package for Kamio-sensei soon for her Birthday on June 29! If you want to participate in the package, please check out the Misc. section for more details! The latest translations for Margaret are up ialso! The HYD Petition will be next updated in Mid-May! Stay tuned till then!

Here's some old headlines:

* HYD Volume 28 was released on March 23, 2001!!! Get your copy today!!!!

* The Chinese version of Margaret has already started distribution. The Chinese Margaret picks up where Volume 27 of the HYD manga left off! The magazine should be available in Chinese bookstores & some Japanese bookstores soon!!!

* 4/12/01 *

Is everyone excited about the HYD Taiwanese Drama! It's debuts on Taiwanese TV on April 12, 2001!! So turn on the tube & check it out!!! Okie, the latest Margaret translations is up in the Translations section. There's also a ton more new fanfiction in the Misc. section! Enjoy!

* 3/21/01 *

Happy (early) Birthday to Rui Hanazawa! Celebraqte Rui's B-day on March 30 by chatting w/ fellow HYD fans on the HYD Project ^_~ There's a bew Rui wallpaper in the Multimedia section for all you fans to DL!!! Margaret 7 & 8 translations are up! More info about the HYD Taiwanese Drama as well as a few yummy extras (including an HYD doujinshi) are up in the Misc. section! Enjoy!

* 3/10/01 *

The new HYD Project chat is up! See you all there!

* 2/28/01 *

Happy Birthday to Akira-chan! Celebrate his B-day by joining the HYD Project chats on Feb. 24 & Feb. 28 (10 PM EST/7 PM PST)!!!! Now for updates.... For the B-day boy, check out the wallpwper & hotbar skins of Akira, sporting his best Robert Plant impression, in the Multimedia section. (Hmm....that gives me an idea for some kakkoii fanart ^_~) The translations for Marg. 6 are up and there's some new fanfics in the Misc. section. There's also some wonderful news about the new Taiwanese HYD Drama in the Misc. section as well!!! Check it out! Till next time!

* 2/14/01 *

Okie, Part 2 of "The Engagement" has been added to the Misc. Fanfics section. The latest Margaret translations are up-->beware the tearjerker ;_; There some new wallpapers in the multimedia section! Erm...that's it for now, sorry me experiencing time crunches-->"Feel the burn!!!" ^_~ But....last but not least...Happy Valentine's Day minasan!!! The headlines will be blacked out for a few days to celebrate this spiffy holiday ^_~ ::ahem::

* 1/31/01 *

A very Happy ^_^ to Domyoji Tsukasa (who has just turned 24!!!) Check out the B-day wishes provided by Domyoji Tsukasa Zuki, a fansite coming this summer! Okie, now for site updates...There's a lot of new fanfics in the Misc. section! The links for the Sakurako image gallery has been fixed in the Multimedia section & so has the link for Ney's site in the Resources section! More later!

2000 in Review:

* HYD Manga Volume 26 debuts at #1 on Japanz Top 10 Best-seller's List.
* The HYD manga sells 35 million copies!!!!
* The Hana Yori Dango Project receives international acclaim!!!! The HYD Project is one of 4 Hanadan sites selected to be reviewed by Hong Kongz Internet Magazine!! Read more in the Misc. section!!!
* The HYD Project opens a new image gallery!!!

* 1/11/01 *

Happy New Year!!! Okie, a ton's been updated! Check out the brand-spankin' new Image gallery (and new Hotbar skins!!!) in the Multimedia section!!! News about the HYD Live Action Movie Fansub has been added to the Sponsorship section ^_^ Translations for HYD Volume 27 & Margaret 3/4, 2001 have been added!!! Some new links have been added in the Resources section. There's a ton of new fanfiction & some great news about the HYD Project in the Miscellaneous section!!! The latest Petition news is up of course! Here's some an important reminder about the Studio Ironcat fan response:

For everyone who sent in message for the Studio Ironcat fan response form between December 5, 2000 - January 1, 2001, please e-mail me with your name & e-mail address. I would like to post a hard copy of all the Studio Ironcat "pledgers" on the HYD Project site for reference! So please e-mail me your name & address ASAP!!!!

2000 HYD Project Headlines:

* Hana Yori Dango ranked #2 in Japan's 1999 Top 10 Best-selling Manga List.
* Margaret 1-24, 2000 have been released.
* Sachi has fansubbed the HYD TV series up to Volume 10
* The HYD Petition for AnimEigo has made major headway. Robert, the CEO of AnimEigo, plans to contact Toei Animation in order to add HYD to their anime series survey.
* Yoko Kamio annouced that she would continue the HYD series in a mangaka conference in Taipei, Taiwan in February 2000.
* Special HYD conferences have taken place at Fanime 2000, Anime Expo 2000, & Shoujocon 2000.
* There are 27 Japanese tankoubons of Hana Yori Dango and 26 volumes of the Chinese HYD comics.
* In order to celebrate the release of HYD Volume 26, Shueisha has created a special flash presentation of the HYD storyline. You can access the HYD Special movie from Shueisha's Official HYD Manga Site!
* Acclimate Solution translations of the HYD manga have been added to this site and can be accessed in the translations section. If you would like to buy your own copy of the official HYD translations, please visit Acclimate Solution's Site!
* Hana Yori Dango has been licensed by the Italian Anime Production Company. Mediaset. The Hana Yori Dango dub is already in production in Italy and could be broadcasted in the very near future. Check out the Petition section for more info!
* HYD Manga Volume 26 ranked #6 in Japan's Top 10 Best-selling manga for the last week of July (its rank for its debut week in June is not known).
* The HYD Project Petition to bring Hanadan to North America & beyond has surpassed the 1000 pledge mark! Keep on pledging!!!
* Attention, attention!!!! You will soon be able to see all your favorite Hana Yori Dango characters in video game format! Hana Yori Dango has been licensed by Nintendo and will debut for Gameboy Color, under the title of Hana Yori Dango: Another Love Story n Spring of 2001!!! Be sure to order your copy ^_~ For more info, read up on Margaret 20, 2000!
* The HYD Project celebrated it's 1st B-day on October 2, 2000!!!!
* Studio Ironcat has taken an interest in licensing and translating the Hana Yori Dango manga into English tankoubons! They are currently researching the series in Japan but would like to sample the fan interest for the HYD manga. So if you would like to see the Hanadan manga published in English, please go to the Petition Section and fill out the fan response form there!! More information about Studio Ironcat can be found there!

1999 HYD Project Headlines:

* October 2-->Rita signz up 4 webspace....
* November 11-->The Hana Yori Dango Project officially kicks off!!!!!
* "Most Requested [Fansub] Title of August: Hana Yori Dango 13-16, no surprise there." --Nuri Anime.
* Hana Yori Dango Volume 24 ranked #3 in Japanz Top 10 Manga, making it a best-selling manga for 7 consecutive years.
* Margaret Volume 24, 1999 was released in Japan in November.
* Margaret Volume 1, 2000 was released the first week of December in Japan.
* Sachi's Distribution released Volume 5 (Eps. 17-20) of Hana Yori Dango!!!! To order Volume 5 of HYD, go to Sachi's Distribution. If you can afford it, please try to donate some money to Sachi's Distribution for Hana Yori Dango Sponsorship!!!! Letz make sure the rest of HYD getz fansubbed before the rights are bought!!!!!!
* Hana Yori Dango Episodes 1-6 are Available LIVE (HYD Eps. 1-4 downloadable) courtesy of Anime Next. Go visit their website, Anime Next Anime TV, to watch HYD while surfing the net!!!!
* Y2K and Ritaz computer still works!!!! Yay ^_^

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