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Aside from being an overall great series, Hana Yori Dango also features a lot of beautiful music in the anime. There are a total of four music CDs, containing songs from the animated series and alternate-universe movie. The music plays really well with the events of the series, not to mention that enchanting voilin piece of Rui's. ^_^ Down below, you can find a few mp3's for your enjoyment as well as some brief information about the CDs that were released.

Encore Piece Encore Piece from Tsukushi
This CD is actually the original soundtrack for the animated movie though it also features several tracks from the TV series. There are a total of 29 songs and also contains some background music from the series. Furthermore, this CD also includes the full-length versions of the animated series' opening and closing songs. Down below, you can find both of those songs available for download. Please note that they're for sampling purposes only, and you're encouraged to purchase the CD if you like the songs.

Futsuu no Nichiyoubi (Ordinary Sunday)
Lyrics: View Here
Singer: Tomohiko Kikuta
Composer: TSUKASA
Lyricist: Arisu Satou
Download: Full Version, 2.6 MB zipped mp3 file
This song has a very upbeat sound to it, and the accompanying animation also carries the same playful feeling. The opening features Tsukushi and the rest of the HYD cast in some kind of a musical dancing piece- something akin to the animated movie. It was a bit odd to see this in the opening at first, and I have to admit that it threw me off a little because it didn't resemble any of the ongoings of the actual series. It's interesting to see the whole cast dancing away though. And we also see a bit of the love triangle between Tsukushi, Doumyouji, and Rui in the dance. ^_^

Kenka no Atode (After the Quarrel)
Lyrics: View Here
Singer: Tomohiko Kikuta
Composer: TSUKASA
Lyricist: Reio Satonotsuka
Download: Full Version, 5.1 MB zipped mp3 file
This is a really nice ending song, with a beautiful soothing melody. The accompanying ending animation features very soft colors with Tsukushi in a white dress walking slowly. There's a light breeze, which plays nicely with the feel of the music, while she walks towards a boy who we can't see. This of course adds to the whole mystery of who she would end up with when we're engrossed in that whole Rui vs Doumyouji deal. ;)

Variations Hanadan Variations: "Hana-Dan"
Containing music from the animated series, this CD has a total of 10 tracks filled with music that we're all so familiar with from the anime. The CD includes all the different themes that you hear throughout the series, such as Hanazawa Rui's theme, his beautiful violin track, Tsukushi's theme, and various background music, among others. The image you see on the left is the cover picture. :)

The other two CDs that was released were singles as opposed to full soundtracks. The Hana Yori Dango CD Single contains the opening song, "Futsuu no Nichiyoubi" (Ordinary Sunday) and the first ending song, "Kenka no Atode" (After the Quarrel), which are both available for download up above. The other single CD, Todoku Kana basically consist of the second ending song of the animated series that was aired on episode 33 as well as another song called "Saigo no Rabusongu" (Last Love Song). Both of these songs were by CaYOCO.

HYD Drama CD BooksHana Yori Dango Drama CD Books

Aside from the four HYD music soundtrack CDs, there are also some HYD drama CD books released back in 1992 and 1993. The image to the left is one of them. Down below, you can also see two more pictures. All three of these apparently features/stars Kimura Takuya, who's a really popular Japanese drama actor, a model, and one of the singers from SMAP. I'm not sure how he came about to doing this, but it's one of his "solo" projects- meaning outside of SMAP. Still, very odd indeed. ^^; The little circle with a face in all 3 images is the man himself.

HYD Drama CD BooksHYD Drama CD Books

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