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Movie Cover For those who have watched the HYD anime, you may have noticed the oddness of the opening song animation where Tsukushi dances along with the entire cast in something akin to a musical setting. I know I was a bit taken aback by the scenario, especially with Doumyouji in tights and all. XD But ah, it all makes sense once we see the HYD animated movie that was released in the theaters in Japan back in 1997.

In this 1/2 hour movie, the setting takes place in an alternate universe of sorts with its own storyline. And as you may have already guessed my comments about the anime's opening scene, the movie presents us with a musical sort of like a broadway show. The characters takes part in a dance studio, and yes, they're working on a musical/dance production in New York City!

While the story and setting is completely different, there are still some parallel similarities such as Tsukushi being poor. ^^; In short, Tsukushi works in the theater as a cleaning girl. At this very same theater, the rest of the cast are dancers who are rehearsing and working towards the said production. Tsukushi, however, loves dancing- it's her dream to make it as a dancer so to speak. This leads her to watching and studying the dancers in the theater while taking what she's seen to practice at night by herself.

There are also some other parallel similarities like Hanazawa Rui's musical talent, who apparently composed the entire score of this big musical production. However, instead of being permanently attached to a violin, he sports a saxophone. :D Doumyouji is of course the lead...and he's supposed to be this super dancer. If anything, it's always interesting to see the cast decked out in tights and leotards. Mehehe. ^^

Down below, you can see some pictures from the movie. Click on the images for a larger version.

Anime Movie Picture Anime Movie Picture Anime Movie Picture
Anime Movie Picture Anime Movie Picture Anime Movie Picture

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