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An indepth look at the Hana Yori Dango aka Boys Over Flowers series, touching upon the manga, anime, tv series, live action movie, and more. Although there will be efforts made into including news of the U.S. Viz release, this site is created and maintained by someone who had followed the series long before it was licensed- which basically means a lot of the information given here may go beyond what is currently being released in the U.S.

  • Prelude
    an overview and introduction to the series as well as why it's so great

  • The Name
    the meaning behind the name of the series

  • Characters
    information about the vast characters, both major and minor

  • Anime Guide
    episode list, differences from manga canon, and perhaps summaries

  • Manga Guide
    a look into the manga, with volume guides and perhaps summaries

  • Animated Movie Guide
    the animated movie that takes a different spin on a different setting

  • Meteor Garden
    information about the taiwanese TV drama based on the series

  • Japanese Live Action TV Drama
    information on the 2005 J-drama adaptation of the series with cast pictures

  • Live Action Movie
    then there's the japanese live action movie based on the series

  • The Gameboy Color Game
    and look! it's available in a form of an adventure love game as well

  • The Creator
    the all must hail great creator of this wonderful manga series

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