-- Credits and Thanks -----------------------

  • Jen Wand - For all the wonderful Margaret translations she did for the last few volumes and for allowing me to add them here on to the translations archive. What would we do without Jen? :)

  • Elina C. - For stepping in with the translations when Jen couldn't make it and for allowing me to add them here as well. Thanks so much! ^_^

And the most important person to thank is Rita, who was the wonderful creator of the original version of The Hana Yori Dango Project. Her site gave tons of HYD fans out there a place to go to for much needed translations and some of the best fanfictions out there to date. I give her much much thanks for letting me adopt the site and allowing me free reign over the content in order to continue keeping this site alive. I've always wanted to create my own HYD shrine, and this is really the next best thing I could've hoped for. :)

To honor all the crediting Rita had given at the original site, I'm including them all here as written by Rita herself. They've all played a part into the making of the project after all. ^_^

-- Original Credits -----------------------

Several people have contributed and helped make the Hana Yori Dango Project a success. Here's to everyone who helped out! It couldn't have been done without you! Domo Arigato!

HYD Project Sponsors: Jennifer S., Sandra M., and Shirley A.

Thanks for sponsoring the Acclimate Solution translations. Without you, none of us could fully enjoy the HYD manga! Thanks very very much!

HYD Project Translators: Alice, Samantha, Cai, Betty, Sandra, Dianne, Kelsea, Sakura-chan, Marisa, Jennifer, Alisa, Stephanie, Linda, Melody, Emi-chan, Kathleen, Michelle, Rock Punks, and Jackie!

Thanks for translating the Hana Yori Dango manga and Margaret issues. Your have truly helped enlighten the masses about greatness of the Hana Yori Dango series! Thanks so much for helping out and cooperating! The HYD Project would not exist without you! Arigato gozaimasu!

HYD Project Editor-in-Chief: Shirley ^_^

Hey Shirl! Thank you for always willing to edit the HYD translations. You were my first editor and you have been the most dedicated and productive so far. Thanks for editing everything from shaking summaries of the manga to terrifyingly twisted AS translations!? You really helped make the HYD Project a hit! Thank ye!

HYD Project Editors: Vivi, Tiffany, Melody, Esther, Christine, Jeanette, Breisleach, and Robyn.

Thanks for doing a great job editing! Can you believe we survived the AS translations x_X? Phew! Thanks again!

HYD Petition Coordinators: Sandra, Marisa, AnthyRose, and Jeannette

Thanks being in charge of the HYD petition at all the cons! (Let's hope it gets licensed soon, ne?) Thanks so much for all your help and cooperation!


Marisa- Thanks for providing the HYD Petition logos and for always supporting the HYD Project! You've been great! Thanks so much!

Emily- Thanks for letting me use the scans for the missing volume covers! Thanks for giving HYD the recognition it deserves on the 'net!

Vivi- Thanks for converting the AS translations files into Adobe Acrobat files! Many more people can enjoy the translations because of you!

Sammy ^_^- Thanks for helping me out with the translations and for sending me such great stuff. You really opened my up to the HYD manga! Thanks for you generosity and support!

Rachael- Thanks for letting me know about the alternate interpretation of "Hana Yori Dango."

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